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The FL CURED program was created by the Florida legislature in 2004. Its purpose is to give voice to the research community and particularly to scientists, in the research policy arena at the state level; to convene key stakeholders to create dialogue and focus on core issues relating to expediting cures; and to focus on the biomedical discovery process emphasizing translational research and process improvements within the research enterprise.
The legislature assigned this program to the Florida Department of Health (DOH) to administer and also created the FL CURED Advisory Council, established in section 381.855, Florida Statutes-the council is charged with the task of submitting annual recommendations for legislative changes "necessary to foster a positive climate for biomedical research in this state." The recommendations of the Council are biased towards translational research and process improvements to Florida's research enterprise to advance the FL CURED mission.
In May 2009, the DOH contracted with the FSU College of Medicine (COM) to manage the FL CURED program. The FSU COM selected FCPR as the grant management service provider for the FL CURED Program which includes a website ( www.FLCURED.org ), the hosting of the biomedical Summit and the annual Advisory Council meeting, as well as production of the FL CURED annual report for submission to the Florida Governor and legislature


To establish a reputable and respected prevention, research, and services organization.


To provide innovative research, education, training, and technological solutions to address the challenges of substance abuse prevention and other social issues among Florida's population.

FCPR history

On August 25, 1997, the State of Florida won a landmark lawsuit against the tobacco industry and was awarded an $11.3 billion settlement. The first $200 million received by the State was earmarked to fund a pilot program to reduce youth tobacco use. The Florida Center for Prevention Research (FCPR) was created at Florida State University to support the Florida Tobacco Pilot Program from its inception in February 1998 until its termination on June 30, 2003. Since 2003, the 20 person FCPR team expanded its depth and breadth in substance abuse prevention capabilities under contracts and grants from the Office of the Governor, Department of Children and Families, Department of Education, the U.S. Department of education and others.

Located at the FSU Research Complex, FCPR has managed projects in excess of $21 million, ranging from health care to youth programs. Project Managers come with a variety of experience and skills to partner with agencies, through their unique talents they provide sound services and products. Agencies find that while working with FCPR, they work with a team - a successful team that is mission focused!